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Helping parents raise children who know, love, and serve the lord

Facing the Challenge

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Approach & Values

Our Story

In 1997, Rev. David Baer and his wife, Ruth, were walking along the Katy Trail in Missouri. The conversation turned to their 3 little granddaughters at the time, and their deep desire that their grandchildren know the goodness and love of their God and His Son, Jesus. But, how? Years of ministry, and being parents themselves, had shown them the challenge –  so many Christian families love their children dearly but don’t have a clue how to raise them to know, love, and serve the Lord.

All of a sudden, the dream was born:

What if we started a ministry, in which our families would learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his immense grace, and at the same time, serve other families who joined us in this journey?

From that dream, FamiliesAlive was founded in 2001 by the Baer, Shultz, and King families in Denver, Colorado. Over the past two decades, we have offered seminars, retreats, publications and resources for parents and church leaders, all with one goal:


Helping parents raise children who know, love, and serve the Lord.

The Challenge


  • Consider themselves Christians¹ 59% 59%
  • Are Actively Practicing Their Faith¹ 9% 9%
  • Will leave the church sometime during their adolescence² 60% 60%


  • think they are the most important influence on their child’s faith³ 83% 83%
  • Say faith is an important influence in their parenting³ 33% 33%
  • Say having faith is important to successful parenting³ 10% 10%

¹Barna Group. (2018). Gen Z: the culture, beliefs and motivations shaping the next generation. Ventura, CA.

²Kinnaman, D., & Hawkins, A. (2016). You lost me: why young Christians are leaving church … and rethinking faith. Grand Rapids: Baker Books.

³Barna, G. (2010). Revolutionary parenting: raising your kids to become spiritual champions. Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale House Publishers, Incorporated.



of teens have been bullied or harassed online.



of teens say sending sexual photos or videos is part of everyday life for teens now.



of boys have seen online pornography before age 18 (and 62.1% of girls)



of American children witness the breakup of a parent’s marriage.



of teens experience severe depression before adulthood.


37 min

the average amount of quality time American families spend together per day.


What We Do

Family Time Materials

Hundreds of hours of fun and meaningful devotions, online and in print, for parents to teach their children the Gospel.

Foundations for Parents

A hands-on, interactive, ten-week crash course in Biblical parenting, available in print and digitally.

Workshops & Retreats

Equipping and inspiring parents to embrace their job as the primary disciplers of their children.

Church Staff Trainings

Equipping head pastors, family pastors, children’s & student ministry staff and more to come alongside parents in discipling the next generation.

The Team

Becky Shultz

Executive Director

Becky Shultz is mother to six and wife to one. Her chief passion is for the next generation to know, love, and serve Jesus, and she loves to help churches and families pass the baton of faith to children. Her creativity, energy, and passion have inspired parents and revitalized families around the globe.

Becky is the co-author of the Words of Grace family devotion series and a former Children’s Ministry Director. She also serves on the National Next Generation Council for the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

Email Becky: [email protected]

Rev. Andy Koesters

Pastor to Churches and Families

Rev. David Baer

Founder & President Emeritus

Rev. David Baer has been in a pastoral role for the better part of four decades. When he isn’t teaching his grandchildren about the Bible, you can find him crafting fine art in his wood shop, playing racquetball, or writing.

Dave has published several parenting books including Foundations for Parents and is the co-author of the Words of Grace family devotion series and a former Moderator of the Presbytery of the West for the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.


JoAnna King

Director of Outreach

Support Staff

Ruth Baer – Administrative Director 

Emma King – Administrative Assistant

Ben Shultz – Artist, Designer, and Visual Communicator

Ella King – Illustrator

Board of Directors

Dave DeBruler

Tom Larson

Jenny McInturff

Mandy Kelso

Brian Shultz

Our Approach


Helping families raise children who know, love, and serve the Lord.


Prayerfully and in complete dependence on God, we accomplish our mission by:

  • Instructing parents about God’s plan for families and their vital role as the primary disciplers of their children.
  • Equipping parents with resources to cultivate a vibrant discipleship environment in the home.
  • Training pastors and church staff across denominations to partner with families in the task of discipling children.
  • Meeting today’s families where they are at by emphasizing God’s grace in the dysfunction, brokenness, and challenges of family life.


  • God is the creator of the family. (Gen 2:21-25, 4:1-2, 25-26)
  • God delights to work in the children and grandchildren of His followers down through the generations. (Ex 20:6).
  • Parents hold the primary responsibility to teach their children about God (Deut 6).
  • The church’s role is to encourage and equip parents to disciple their children, and to complement the work of families in the discipleship of children. When the church attempts to replace parents as the primary disciplers of their children, discipleship of the next generation is not effective.

Our Values

Covenant Relationship

God has established a covenant with His people – a relationship not conditional on our performance but unconditionally granted by His grace. Healthy families model this sort of covenant relationship with one another.


Healthy parenting is concerned with heart transformation, not behavioral modification, so partner with, trust, and invite the Lord to do His work in your children’s hearts.


Effective discipleship does not happen by chance. It requires intentionality in seeking and taking advantage of teachable moments about the promises of God, the great stories of the faith, the truths of the Scriptures, and the primacy of the gospel of Jesus. 


As sinners in need of a Savior, we will never be perfect. Healthy families depend on God’s grace, apologize in failure, and extend forgiveness to one another.


The most compelling faith is authentic faith. Healthy families resist hypocrisy, are transparent about struggles, and wrestle with faith challenges and questions honestly and in relationship.


We never give up on a child, even when he or she has walked away from the faith. Healthy families persist in prayer, in grace, and in relationship with their children, depending on God to draw their hearts to Himself.