Ruth Baer

Are You Perfect?

by Ruth Baer When my granddaughter Hannah was about 7 years old, she made an observation about me as we all sat down to dinner. “Grandma, I’ve never seen you sin.” What would you say if your child or grandchild said that to you? Would you be proud or happy that she...

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How Can I Be Grateful When My Heart’s Not in It?

By Ruth Baer Have you ever had one of those days when everything seems to be going so well? At work, at home, at church – both privately and publicly? You’re in the Word and praying for all on your heart? God seems to be on the throne in your experience, and life...

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by Ruth Baer We buried my Aunt Tense a few weeks ago. She was 94, lived a long life and died peacefully in her sleep. Her son, Larry, led the funeral service. All of us gathered together to say our last goodbyes – we came from near and far. There were the Colorado...

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