Beauty from Ashes

by | February 2016 | Guest Writers

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Beauty from Ashes

During the first snow of the winter here in Colorado, I was reminded how peaceful and fresh the world seems after a snowstorm. My children, however, didn’t seem to notice the beauty or the tranquility that came with it. In fact, they were more like their own small blizzard. There are six of them and together they can easily create a storm. In this case, I found great peace in their joy and excitement! You see, we were in the midst of a “bad day” for my husband. His chronic health struggles had once again meant that he was unavailable to help juggle the ins and outs of a home filled with six blessings. It also meant that we had to sit, unable to do anything to ease his severe pain and sickness. I was feeling overwhelmed with his pain and unsure how I was going to pull off all of the logistics needed for the day without his help. However, in the midst of the stress God reminded me of the gift that my family is, despite our chaos. Their laughter and joy strengthened me and caused me to pause and remember that even in the midst of the struggles there are blessings, blessings sent straight from the Father’s hand. It is one of the lessons God is teaching me in the midst of our trials: enjoying His gifts regardless of the circumstances around me!


All of us, even as believers, will undoubtedly have trials in life that will force us to face the question: “Do I really believe God is who He says He is?” Or: “Will I still trust God if life falls apart and doesn’t turn out the way I planned or expected?” Maybe it’s a child considering suicide; a mother who just doesn’t feel like she can do enough or can be enough for her family; or a loved one with a chronic or terminal illness. Perhaps, a woman wonders if the reason she can’t have a baby is because God is punishing her for something she has done. How do we answer the child asking us if their Dad is going to die from this unknown illness that is plaguing him? These may not be the trials you are facing or have faced. Maybe yours is divorce, betrayal or loneliness. There are so many other possibilities. We know from scripture that times of suffering and difficulty will come for all of us (James 1:2, Phil 1:29). So, what is it that braces us to endure these trials? Better yet, what is it that allows us to have eyes to see the beauty in the ashes that the Lord creates?


God’s Character is Never Changing

Oh how I wish that I did that more quickly and consistently! Regardless, I am learning that having a clear understanding and belief of who the Lord is and His character, sustains me more than anything else. This helps me to see His blessings in the refining fire that we walk through as believers.  

  • He is the Lord! The One and Only!  
  • He is the creator of all things and therefore has authority over ALL things!  
  • He loves my family and me and His plan is for our good.
  • He is ALWAYS faithful!  
  • He is compassionate toward our hurts and can empathize with our struggles. He endured the same struggles in the person of Jesus Christ.  
  • He will never leave us in the midst of our struggles!
  • His plan and timing are perfect!

These truths comfort me because I have a personal relationship with the Creator, the King of the universe and He will always be faithful to walk with us and take care of us no matter what we face! I know that whatever my needs are, He has the authority and the ability to meet them! He has access to all the resources in existence to supply my needs. Not only can he meet all of our needs, but He desires to have a personal relationship with each one of us. From the very beginning God intended and pursued relationship with all of Creation. This is what baffles me about God. I’ll never understand why He bothers with me, but I’m unbelievably grateful for His choice to do so.

When I face trials and suffering, I can come to him intimately. I can cry out to Him and bring my brokenness to Him. Our sorrow, anger and despair doesn’t surprise or offend Him. He knew we would endure it and intended to endure it with us. I can surrender my brokenness and hopelessness to Him and He turns it into beauty and blessing! These are His everyday miracles!  

Psalm 37:5 “Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will act.”

By Jennifer King

Jennifer is a follower of Christ, who spends her days homeschooling her children. She is passionate about discipling her children, caring for her family and looking for the everyday glimpses of God.