Why Silent?

by | March 2022 | From My Heart to Yours

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Why Silent?

The last time I wrote a blog was March 2020—exactly 2 years ago. This “break” from writing and sharing and posting was both intentional and unintentional. Intentional because I knew the Lord was instructing me to be silent. Unintentional because I had no idea that His call for my silence would last this long.

I have opinions about all the things everyone else has had opinions about the last two years. I believe certain things about abortion, foster care, refugees, black lives, police lives, every life, politics, the church, social distancing, shelter-in-place, mask mandates, COVID 19 vaccinations, boosters, war, fracking, oil-purchasing, taxes, the media, LGBTQ+, and transgender swimmers.

I have opinions. I have thoughts. I have words that I believe will encourage. I also have words I know will offend.

Like everyone else, I have watched the social media yelling matches. I have watched families and friends rage at each other because of disagreements. I have watched family members and friends post their opinions and come under fire! Many times, I wanted to comment my own opinion (and I probably did that more than I should have), but the Lord kept instructing me to be silent.

Becky, you do not need to add to the noise!   

Now, after sitting silently for two years, I look back and know that while He was calling me to silence, He was also calling me to other things:

To listen
To compassion
To forgiveness
To mercy
To selflessness
To humility
To love

None of these things He calls me to are my go-to. None of these things are natural for me. I am good at speaking, apathy, and keeping a record of wrongs. I am good at disapproval, selfishness, arrogance, and hate. Those tend to be my go-to, knee-jerk reactions, especially when I disagree with someone else.

Now, after sitting silently for two years, I look back and know that while He was calling me to silence, He was also calling me to these other, most important things:

To read His Word
To study His Word
To pray His Word
To seek His wisdom
To seek His truth
To pray for others
To pray for the next generation
To point others to Him

As a ministry, FamiliesAlive has always been prayerful about what we do. I learned from my parents (and from others) this vital posture of prayer at a young age. But the Lord has taken me to unwanted depths over the past decade partly, I know, to make sure I would lead His ministry from a prayer posture. So, with that, we walk in obedience to the Lord and humbly say, it’s time. Not for me to give you my opinions on all the things. But it’s time to start blogging again.

Honestly, I jump back in with some trepidation—sharing the Lord’s Word and my heart will sometimes offend and wound. After all, His Word offends and wounds me. I also jump back in with joy and hope and confidence, knowing the One who goes before me (us all) is faithful.  

It is my deep desire that generations upon generations come to know the Lord. It is my deep desire to encourage each and every one of you on your life and faith journey. It is my deep desire to stir you up, parents, to endure for the long haul that is parenting. It is my deep desire to remind the next generation of the steadfast love of our Lord. It is my deepest desire to point you to Christ in all of it!

For His Name’s Sake, Always,