Word 1: LORD

Getting Started

Choose the activity that best fits your family’s interests, age levels, and availability. Or, do multiple if you’re having fun! Words in bold are for you to say out loud: feel free to paraphrase, if you prefer.

Activity 1

Family Photos

Spend some time looking through a family album or looking at family pictures. Try to have pictures that include immediate family as well as extended family. Talk about who the people are – their names and the relationship. Optional: Have your children try to guess who the people are.

Families are important. We love each other, we do things for each other, we help take care of each other. In our story today, we’re going to find out that God is the God of His people: we are His family and He loves us very much.

Activity 2


Have everyone draw a picture of what you think a father looks like. You could try using modeling clay or whatever medium you would like. Then share your pictures with one another.

We all have a Father – a Father that we can’t see, so I imagine He looks quite different than the fathers we just drew. He is our Heavenly Father – He is God. Let’s listen to a story about our God.

Activity 3

Hide & Seek

Play a game of hide and seek. 

Imagine if we played a game of hide-and-seek and I never came to look for you. You kept hiding for a long time and I left you there. How would you feel? (bad, scared, sad, lonely)

I came to find you because I love you and I love to play games with you. I don’t want to leave you all alone. Today, we are going to read about our God; a God who is our Father; a God who loves us so much that even when we sin, He still wants to be with us and doesn’t want to leave us all alone.